Problems With the LR3

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Moose said:
This is the thread to post problems encountered with the LR3, a/k/a "Discovery 3" -- please be as specific as possible (i.e., hesitation and sputtering engine while accelerating, not "acceleration problem") and list the solution if known
We all know why the LR3 won the Motortrend Suv of the year and the same with other auto publications. But we also need to know what they failed to triple check before leaving the factory.


Dealer installed DVD system has some white noise through the stereo, other than that the truck is AWESOME!


Our LR3 is on order. Couldn't find one in the US with the color/options we wanted so it will be here in or around july/august. When i test drove one i fell in love with them.


Our LR3 is finally here after 5 1/2 months. Getting prepped at the dealer this week and hopefully we can pick it up friday.


Enjoy! It is a fantastic truck! I got my HSE on 12/23 and hav about 2500 miles on it so far, and I love it!


New 2005 HSE issues

We've had our HSE for 2 weeks and experienced problems the 1st day.

1. Sunroof did not work
2. Doors did not always recognize they were closed so you could not lock the car
3. Once locked Alarm would randomly go off, usually at 3AM!
4. DVD did not work

Car is with the dealer and they need to fix all the issues or I'm getting my check back and buying a Sequoia....

Car looks great and drives well but I'm not impressed with the quality so far


2005 LR3 SE Fully Loaded Problems

1. - Shop did terrible job installing driving lights - rough cuts in bumper and lights loose. Bumper scratched during installation.
SOLUTION: Repainted bumper. Lights reinstalled properly and everything tightened. Excellent installation job.
2. - Nav system not operating properly. No voice guidance available. Not all screen options available.
Unit troubleshooted and determined that needed new
controller unit (located under the seat).
New controller unit put in but still not working properly as of current date with several calls into LR Tech support still not bringing about a fix.
3. - Paint peeling from front bumper and from left front wheel 'fender'. New parts on order.

LR3 is terrific vehicle. I hope these issues are resolved and other ones don't crop up. The answer to these questions will determine if I shoulda bought an absolutely reliable Toyota Land Cruiser instead. I'm still willing to hang in there at this point.


We've had our loaded SE since December '04. We've put over 13K miles on it.

Love the truck and have no regrets. actually convinced 3 friends to buy one as well.

Ever since taking delivery we notice 2 annoyances with the truck.

1 - transmission jerks when coming to almost a stop and then going. You're slowing down and coming almost to a stop, but not quite (like at a stop sign), then take the foot off the brake pedal and hit the gas pedal (doesn't matter how hard or soft you step on it). The tranmission jerks. almost feels like it down shifts.
can reproduce the occurance at will. dealer has seen the problem, but has not been able to do anything about it. Since it is a minor annoyance, we'll have them look at it again at the next scheduled service.

anyone else having this problem?

2 - when the truck is running hot, like stuck in traffic on a hot day, the engine sounds like it is under full load when hitting the gas. The actual water temp gauge is reading right in the middle. we feel some power loss.
dealer "reprogrammed" the ECU and it seems better. We still experience this occasionally, but cannot reproduce it at will.


Just received an HSE seven days ago. All seems to work well with the exception of the adaptive lighting. There appears to be a calibration problem. On the single beam setting the lighting seems directed forward but downward towards the road - creating an erie vision of intense brightness in front of the vehicle, with total darkness just outside this range. The beams do adapt to road curvature and the double beams illuminate the road well. The single beam setting is what is of concern. Is this an issue or should I "adapt" to the LR3 lighting system? Thanks

FYI, other than this issue, the vehicle seems marvelous - though it will go in for servicing tomorrow with some minor issues.


can you order a different color other than whats available in the US?

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