Range Rover-2016- Diesel - Where to do the next service?

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Mar 27, 2021
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Newport Beach
Hi guys

I'm tired of my dealer charging an arm and a leg every time I take my car for the service. I understand that I can do the things that are required to do every some 1000s miles or once a year to keep the warranty, I know if I took it now to my current dealer, I will pay at least $1500 for doing basically nothing, but changing some stupid oil, air filter .... I have asked this dealer several times by email to send me a list of the required services and how often they need to be done, but received no reply at all. Their "service required" button started showing just 2 months after the last service, in which I only drove the car for less than 1500 miles in those two months, seems like the pandemic played some role in which they may be playing with when the next service should be done.
I have owned range rovers for the last 10+ years, the last one I had required services only once a year or every 10,000 miles whichever comes first, but with this one, the case changed (bought it used) when I took it for my last service at 26,000 miles, 8months back, it's at 33,000 miles now, so I need to check out what is required to check/ fix for my next service, how do I get the list that is required by the Land Rover original factory?

PS: I bought the car used with 16,000 miles and at 19,000 miles the whole engine crashed down, no one told me why or what happened, the dealer had to change the whole engine and whatever related to it, so basically my car is like 14,000 miles now, not 33,000 miles. I do have a warranty to 64,000 miles and up to 2024, also I'm looking to buy an extended warranty soon to 100,000 miles and another 4-6 years if possible, please post your recommendations.

I'm in Orange County/ CA -please do not recommend any land rover dealer in this area :)


Mar 17, 2019
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San Jose CA

I would start by checking the manuals for service recommendations. I am about to get a 2016 RR with the td6 engine and your comment about the engine failing at that low mileage makes me concerned. Wonder if this engine are prone to issues.

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