Rear handbrake - learning from my mistakes!

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Sep 3, 2022
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Ann Arbor
I recently had a very weird noise coming from my rear left (US - passenger side) wheel, it was sufficiently loud that when passing pedestrians they'd look over at the LR4 (and probably helped perpetuate the perception that they're unreliable)... Anyway, lots of weird and different noises were emanating from this particular wheel while in motion! I removed the wheel and rotated the hub and could still hear the noise so I removed the rear caliper and pads and could still hear the noise so it's time to remove the rotor (disk brake) and have a look inside... While doing this I saw a small stone fall out and suspected this to be the root cause (which it was!). In my infinite wisdom I decided to remove the handbrake mechanism; so the shoes and everything else that goes with it! Cause... Why not!

Anyway, removing it, cleaning it and lubricating it (in the right areas is pretty easy), re-assembly on the other hand is a complete and utter pain in the *ss. For others that follow; here's my advice; don't do this unless you really have to!

The following metal plate must be in place prior to re-fitting the shoes, not seen here is the concave/convex shape in the middle of the plate; the plate is installed with the concave shape wrapping around the hub:

To get the pads re-assembled you have to connect the larger of the three springs prior to to putting the shoes back in place; which involves pulling them apart and fitting them around the hub and getting them lined up sufficiently that you can do the next step:

With the same metal plate mentioned above you have to insert prongs on either end into a slot on each of the two brake shoes; if you can juggle 10 tennis balls at the same time then you might be OK doing this... This is tough to show in pictures but here you go:


The other part of the re-assembly that really got me was re-installing the following clips:


I don't really have any recommendations, one side I managed to compress with a screwdriver the other side with pinch nose pliers but this took me significantly longer than I care to mention and lots and lots of my very best language!...

That's it, I hope this helps others! The noise is gone - Yay!

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