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Rear sway bar endlink removal help

Discussion in 'LR4' started by DaytonaRS7, Jun 30, 2020 at 7:28 AM.

  1. DaytonaRS7

    DaytonaRS7 Full Access Member

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    Apr 7, 2020
    chasing down a loose right rear end, that bounces and pulls right after hitting a bump at speed....one of the parts I want to replace is the rear sway bar end link.

    Attempted to do it yesterday and cannot get a the upper nut off of the link, where it connects to the sway bar. It is in an awkward place between the upper/lower arms and cannot get any good leverage on it.

    Any suggestions?

    if anyone cares, I have a feeling its a bad strut.
    although it looks new, there is no branding and I cant help but feel it was cheaply made replacement.
    the upper and lower arms are OEM and new(er); there does not seem to be any play in the bushings.
    I replaced the sway bar bushing already.
    only thing left is the shock after this, but i figured ill change the cheaper parts first, just to be sure.

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