Revised Land Rover DC100 Headed for 2011 LA Auto Show

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    As reported last week, the current generation Defender may still be around until 2017, but this may only be true for the D110 as the D90 is slated to be replaced by the DC100 in 2015.

    In speaking about the DC100, Land Rover Global Brand Director John Edwards explained "Sometimes we talk too much about the NAS 90 Defender and surfer dudes, and not enough about the Red Cross, Zambia or the Australian Outback. We want to get back to our roots, but it would be nice if in doing so, we can also sell it to the Californian surfer dude."

    Auto Evolution reports that Land Rover will be showing off the newest revision of the DC100 next month at the Los Angeles Auto Show. We have to believe that the newest revision of the Defender will be headed to back to the U.S.

    [Source: Auto Evolution]
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    The DC100 Concept @ LA looks about the same as the one shown in Frankfurt.

    Getting muddy just went high tech ;) From the press release:
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