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    Sep 23, 2010
    My measurements are off side to side. I’m running terrafirma 3” lift with rear sls bag spacers.

    Measurements from the ground to fender flare
    LF 36 1/4”
    RF 37 5/8”
    LR 36 1/2”
    RR 35 5/8”

    How do I go about leveling the suspension so it doesn’t sag on one side.


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    Nov 7, 2011
    Your measurements come off as if the the frame has been twisted (within LR production QC spec limits?) not a left vs right side sag differences.
    Frame straight but body sheet metal not straight or level at your measurement location points? Reading your measurements you should have handing differences between left and right turns. Handling tests left and right differences can be found while making hard aggressive turns on an empty but wet parking lot pushing until your drifting and sliding left vs right. Handling (play area) we used a painted 150' square concrete pad used for "swinging the compass") Navel aircraft after hosing it down then applying two bottles of Ivory dish soap with wide broom for a super slippery skid pad. Slow motion "lost it" at 15-20 mph also brings up unequal handling problems left vs right.
    You would be surprised how many different vehicles and models having unbalanced front /rear, left / right handing problem differences, results with different vehicles, same models.
    Frame to ground location points at all four corners can be found at a better vehicle collision repair shops having a frame straightening jig table.
    Have you had that LR on four corner scales, one under each wheel finding out if both fronts and rears have equal or near it pressures each ends of the LR?
    Scale corrections due to added driver's weight and engine body roll torque are other factors tossing equal weights and tyre loading out the window.
    Reread your starting thread, "3" lift kit" when these D1's and D2's are already unstable vehicles on the open road with normal suspension heights, you must be off road only?
    If it's a go to church or grand ma's house LR having normal tyre wear, don't worry about it.
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