Ugghhh, brake booster vacuum pump...

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Jan 14, 2022
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So I had a small leak that was collecting on the underside (inside) of the skid plate. It would eventually leak out the skid plate through one of the holes so it was difficult to diagnose exactly where it was coming from without removing it. Not having access to a garage lift and not particularly wanting to crawl under the truck I took it to the dealer. I was in the bay with the tech and it was quite obvious it was leaking. It's the redesigned pump and since mine is a 2015 which should have come with the original design, this could only mean it had already been replaced once but it's been over a year so no such warranty for the part.

So, I first go back to my paperwork and realize the seal for this pump was replaced in November of 2022 (because I'm sure I noticed a leak then) and again 60 days ago in March of 2023 (again because I must have had yet another leak) and here I am now for the third leak. The second time was N/C since it was under warranty and the first time was just a $22 charge for the seal since I was having major maintenance done to the truck (timing chains, tensioners, cooling pipes, etc...) and they just kind of threw it in. So I'm thinking to myself I'm getting off free a third time, right? Nope. BOHICA. This time they tell me the pump is leaking from the seam on the opposite side of the seal. They quoted me a price of $700 for just the pump. After I picked myself up off the floor, I realized the car is apart, the part is in stock and they can fix it while I wait. So I approve it, sit down in the lobby and immediate look up the part price elsewhere. OEM part averages roughly $300, not $700. While my service advisor is literally sitting 50' from me, I text him website after website showing the cost of the pump was not $700. He called me over to take a look at his computer and he wasn't lying but he agreed to lower the price to match what another dealer was selling it for. So I got $200 taken off their price for the part (yeah, still high but at that point I just wanted it fixed) and they reduced the labor cost. I don't know how old this most recent pump was that failed since the LR dealer I bought it from was not the same as the one that now services it and they refuse to provide me with the prior service history, but I hope this should be it for a while. Are these pumps really that fragile? Couple pictures. One of the backplate that was leaking and one of the seal that was replaced roughly 60 days ago that wasn't leaking. And one final thought...I wonder if the seam that was leaking was the problem all along and they just assumed the seal was leaking since that seems like the most common thing to fix.


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'11 LR4 HSE LUX 5.0L V8
Oct 26, 2015
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They're pretty robust. The o-ring tends to get hard and brittle over time and oil leaks happen. Hopefully, yours will last a while. I replaced mine last year while doing an oil change. It's one of the easier things to do if you have to do replace it again.

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