What If: a Land Rover crossed with a Sprinter?

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by kwlr3, Mar 25, 2018.

Would you buy a Land Rover Van?

  1. If LR made a (mini) van, I would NEVER buy another LR!

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  2. I am intrigued by the possibilities, but not likely to purchase one

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  3. Good Luck on this one, I am still holding my breath for a new Defender

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  4. I am not waiting! I bought a Sprinter and a wrecked LR, going to cut and weld

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    Dec 31, 2005
    I say this because I recently added a 2017 MB Sprinter to my fleet. It's a 144 inch wheelbase, high roof, 4x4. It was specked as a basic contractors type van but I have since added side windows, rear windows and a basic interior with fabric covered walls, a wood plank headliner, fold down murphy bed and a basic galley. I will primarily use it to haul motorcycles to the track and then sleep in it once there. I installed two Pit Bull trailer restraints and can haul two track bikes or two dirt bikes along with all of the gear including tools, tire warmers, generator and fuel. It will also do some minor off road camping

    What motivated the Sprinter purchase was the frustration with a lack of cargo capacity in the LR3. Even with a roof rack stacked with four Pelican cases and the rear seats folded down, there just isn't enough space to go on an extended trip.

    The Sprinter is just a big box on wheels with two front seats. Surprisingly, the ride on the Sprinter is pretty good. Acceleration is adequate and as long as you insulate it, the interior is quiet and comfortable. In the three months of ownership I have put 4500 miles on it and less than 300 on my LR3. There are some good and bad things about both and a lot depends on what your primary use will be. As I've gotten older and childless (yes, I have owned my LR3 for 13 years and all of the kids that used to live at home and were transported to soccer practices and camping trips have now graduated college and moved on!) it seems I am less concerned with "appearances" and more concerned with practicality. I think I have gone from being a successful middle aged family man to an old guy who drives a van.

    Neither vehicle is perfect, but a cross between the two would be real sweet... Land Rover used to have a big presence in the commercial vehicle market but with the demise of the Defender there isn't anything that you could remotely call a commercial use LR. What if LR were to make a modern Forward Control? Same dimensions or maybe a little smaller than the Sprinter. Reasonably priced (I paid $51,000 for the Sprinter and spent about another $5000 building it out), not overly luxurious, a range of engine options (I get 18-22 with the Sprinter V6 oil burner), and a 4x4 system that you would expect on a LR (the Sprinter 4x4 is nothing special, low range is only a 40% reduction).

    I doubt that this would ever happen but it's fun to imagine the possibilities.
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