Where can I find a 12V trigger for trailer brake controller?

Discussion in 'LR2' started by geezerdotbiker, May 18, 2018.

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    May 18, 2018
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    I'm adding a Tekonsha brake controller to my, new to me, 2008 LR2. The instructions for the controller say to splice to the cold side of the brake light switch. I discovered that the LR2 doesn't use the switch on the brake pedal to light the brake lights. I'm guessing there's a CAN bus module using it to make sure I have the brake depressed when I start the engine or move the shifter from park. I don't know if it's suitable as a splice in trigger for the brake controller. Does anyone on the forum know?
    I'm guessing there's a switch under the hood somewhere for the brake lights. Does anyone know where it is or if it's suitable as splice in trigger for the brake connector?
    I am using a splice-in Tekonsha module to operate the trailer lights, not the Land Rover CAN bus trailer wiring module. That is working fine. It doesn't appear to interfere with the LR2's CAN bus system. etrailer contends that it won't.
    I'd really like to avoid having to buy the Land Rover CAN bus trailer wiring module. Is there hope?


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