Why are '13 supercharged RRS's relatively inexpensive?

Discussion in 'Range Rover' started by VTBike, Apr 23, 2018.

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    I'm in the market for a '13 RRS (love the look), can't help wondering why the SC's are just a few grand more (all other things equal), particularly because when new, they are substantially more.

    I suspect its because there are major mechanical concerns with the SC's over time? I've read a few posts about the engines pulling themselves apart, etc... Just looking for some folks that are knowledgeable to comment on the wisdom in buying a used SC or staying far away..

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    May 2, 2018
    Here in Arizona there's still seems to be about a $5k premium for the supercharged 2013 RRS vs HSE. Basically a low cost difference comes down to many potential buyers would be happy with the HSE so don't really care if its supercharged or not. Then there's the extra running costs of about 1MPG less for the supercharged version which sounds bad so would put people off, but isn't that much in real terms. Personally I'm more than happy to pay the extra gas for the effortless surge of power from a 510hp motor, but then I'm a car guy, not some housewife who just sees a car as a disposable box to get her kids to school in. The relative rarity of supercharged vs HSE versions means if you care enough to only want a supercharged one, it is a limited market which alone can cause a premium.

    In terms of engine reliability, its great. Don't worry or even think twice. I've had several Supercharged Jags with the same AJV8 engine, and currently have a Jaguar XKR (supercharged) and a 2012 RRS supercharged. I can tell you that The V8 Jaguar motor (as used in them and the 2013 RRS) is VERY reliable and strong and will run forever, especially when maintained properly. Wherever you read that it pulls itself apart is frankly either complete exageration, or there was also something else bad already happening, such as low quality customizations or long term maintenance neglect that would have also led to mechanical failure of any engine.
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