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Question Engine Hesitation, Stalling

Hey guys,

So a new gremlin has crept into my engine bay: This weekend, it happened to me twice...the engine will drop down to about 1000 RPMs and will bounce around from 0 to ~1000 RPMs and then die. Increasing the throttle has no effect, it just sits there, surging and eventually dying. If I leave the engine off for about 15 minutes, the truck will start up normally, and will act normally for about 100 miles. Computer gives me fault code 18, and I suspect it is the throttle position sensor...before I go out a buy a new one, do you folks think the symptoms agree on a throttle position sensor...?


1993 Range Rover County LWB 4.2L
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I would clean the TPS before I bought a new one... save the money.
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http://www.usarovers.com/ (call for Rover parts ask for Nathan 502-222-5859)

Rover Radio issues or IPOD Adapters http://home.valornet.com/splacket/index.htm

EAS fault http://www.rswsolutions.com

When working with GEMS vehicles. Never try to locate a misfire by pulling plug leads off - pull the injector connector instead. Otherwise you can blow up the ECU.

Secondly never swap ECUs between vehicles to test them, because both vehicles and ECUs may stop working, and you'll have to have them all reset by a franchised LR dealer (ouch!).

To download the RAVE manual, follow this link http://www.landroverresource.com/
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Yes, I have already used electrical cleaner on the contact and and the TPS body. No luck though.
1993 Range Rover County LWB 4.2L
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