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Old 12-30-2010, 02:56 PM   #1
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engine cranking without key in ignition

I would appreciate your expert help on a problem that I've been having on my LR3 05 SE V8.
For sometime I been having starting problem when I tried to start the car in the morning.
I would put the key in the ignition and turn but it will not crank. I would hear the fuel pump and all other clicks but no cranking. I would turn the key few time and all the sudden it will crank.
Today, the same thing happened again with some additional problems. All my lights start flickering after the engine ignited. The engine was also not running smoothly and was flickering. I took the key out of ignition and tried again but this time it will not stop cranking and the engine would not start. I took the key out but the engine still was cranking without the key in ignition. I had to unplug the battery wire to stop it from cranking. I have to add that we've been having continues rain in California for the last few days.
Now the car is sitting in the garage with the battery wire unplugged. As soon as I connect the wire, the car start cranking again without the key being in the ignition.
Would really appreciate your help before I call the tow truck.
I am a bit capable mechanically if the part is not buried in the engine compartment and has easy access considering my limited tools if it's a part that I need to replace.

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Old 12-31-2010, 10:55 AM   #2
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Moved to the LR3 Tech section for better response.
Cincinnati OH
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http://www.usarovers.com/ (call for Rover parts ask for Nathan 502-222-5859)

Rover Radio issues or IPOD Adapters http://home.valornet.com/splacket/index.htm

EAS fault http://www.rswsolutions.com

When working with GEMS vehicles. Never try to locate a misfire by pulling plug leads off - pull the injector connector instead. Otherwise you can blow up the ECU.

Secondly never swap ECUs between vehicles to test them, because both vehicles and ECUs may stop working, and you'll have to have them all reset by a franchised LR dealer (ouch!).

To download the RAVE manual, follow this link http://www.landroverresource.com/
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Old 01-01-2011, 12:53 AM   #3
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I would suspect a stuck starter solenoid. I've read a few posts of non start situations but I haven't seen any posts on them stuck closed. I don't know how accessible the starter is on these trucks but you could pull the main lead off of the starter and tape it up. Then put the cable back on the battery and check to see if you are getting 12 volts from the smaller lead to the solenoid. If you are not then you know the car isn't telling the starter to crank and the soleniod is stuck closed. Replace it. You can double check by having someone move the key to crank and you should see 12v at the wire then. If you are getting 12v all the time then you may have a bad ignition switch or relay.

I do not have first hand experience with this happening with the LR3. You should be able to take the trim off of the column and unplug the ignition switch. If the power at the soleniod lead goes away then I'd do the switch.

Again that is just my guess. It would be worth consulting the Land Rover IPIX tech site for ignition switch/ starter replacement procedures.
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Old 03-26-2011, 07:01 PM   #4
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Thanks kingfishgrapeja! You were right!!!
Alright, here is what was wrong with the car. I took the car to the Newport Beach dealership in California. What a big mistake that was. I should have read the feedback ppl have left for this dealership. They are extremely rude, pricey, untrained, awful.....and the list go on.
My truck was sitting at the dealership for a week but they could not figure out the problem. I am no mechanic but the symptoms that I have given them should have put them on the right track and as the matter of fact I have mentioned what the problem could be. After a week I picked up my truck and had to pay the diagnostic fee even for failing to pin point the problem.
Few more weeks passed and I got the no start problem again. I would put the key in the switch and turn it to position III but nothing would happen (no crank). I would however hear the fuel pump responding. I had to turn the key few times before it will crank. Sometimes I had to leave the car the way it was and come back another five minutes and try again till it will crank and start.
This time I have decided to take the truck to an independent land rover mechanic in Irvine. Very professional and reasonable shop. The car was sitting there for four days and they too could not duplicate the problem (since this was an occasional problem that would reoccur). When he heard the same symptoms that I have given to the dealership, he was convinced that it could only be the starter. He was nice enough to take the starter off and test it on the bench which I know for fact the dealership didn't do since they are for easy money. Sure enough the starter acted on them the same way. The shop had arranged the claim with my extended warranty and replace the starter. This was a month and half ago in February. Since then the truck is starting perfect and very quickly.
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Old 03-29-2011, 09:22 PM   #5
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cool glad it worked out.
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