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    If I was to put a 2" lift on my 98 Land Rover Discovery what is the largest tires that will fit I was thinking 275/70 R16 (General Grabber UHP) I know the Overall Diameter should not be a problem its at 31.2" I am wondering about the Section Width it measures 11" . Please let me know what y'all think.
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    my friend has a set of 285/75/16 (33") on a 2" lift with some trimming but tires <32" should fit fine. with width, your tires will hit the radius arms sooner causing an even worse turning radius. just loosen the steering bolt and you wont rub.

    whats making you want to get some high performance tires for the rover? lifting it will make it tippy through the corners and the larger diameter of the tire will take out a chunk of the power which is already lacking.
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    If I do any kind of 4X4 I do it in sand not mud and I Know that in sand a street tire does just fine. I am still trying to decide if I want Grabber UHP or the Grabber AT2 or another kind of AT tire.
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    A 31 x 11 inch tire will require major trimming on both front and rear fender area's. Front will be more trimming of the factory bumper... rear will rub or crush anything not trimmed the first time you hit a large bump.
  5. 98GRDisco

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    If I got the 2" lift blocks for the shocks on my 98 Disco but still have the stock bumpers will i be able to put 235/85R16 without having to do any triming.
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    don't you mean 2" spring spacers? with 235/75/16, you'll still have to trim a little bit of the rear quarter panel.
  7. 98GRDisco

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    this is what it say they are on the site. So what is the biggest tire I can put on a stock Land Rover Discovery without triming, or on a Land Rover Discovery with a 2" suspinsion lift without triming.

    (I no longer have the side steps on it either)

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