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    What's everyone's favourite replacement lower control arms?

    Just put on the Meyer HDs and they ride as well as I remember the originals but should last much longer. Very happy I went with them.
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    Diff Fluid

    I just did mine and put Redline 75W90 GL-5 in both front and back Diff’s.
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    New Recall Alert : Fuel System

    Mine is scheduled for next week. They are saying 2 days Really wonder why some are 3 hours and others take up to 3 days.
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    Help identify this and if it’s a issue

    Ouch not cheap…..I’d think there would be an aftermarket options that might be even better than original
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    Help identify this and if it’s a issue

    Anyone else replaced your drive shafts? If so what did you go with? Thanks
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    Help identify this and if it’s a issue

    Thanks for the link. It looks like they don’t carry a driveshaft for my 2015. Says only up to 2013…..Did LR change the driveshafts for the V6SC I wonder?
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    Help identify this and if it’s a issue

    Also did you stay with LR shafts or get some other company that maybe even have the ability to grease them?
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    Help identify this and if it’s a issue

    Thanks! May I ask the cost of something like this? Im surprised this might be the problem at only 80k miles on my 2015.
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    Help identify this and if it’s a issue

    Hey everyone I was changing out Difs and Xfer case oils yesterday and noticed these two lines of some kind of oil/grease. I have no idea what this is or what it could be. If it helps it is drivers side. If you look close you can see two lines of oil/grease almost perfectly parallel with each...
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    LR4 Steering Sounds

    Any updates to this? Thanks
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    Aluminum crossovers exist now! (maybe)

    Do both through eBay have a return ability? If so, maybe buy both and then compare all three and let us know……not a cheap way of doing it but if able to return then not bad.
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    275 or 265 with GAP tool only

    They do if your thinking of the KO2's?
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    275 or 265 with GAP tool only

    I just put on 275/55/20's BFG KO2s with zero rubbing on stock but with 2019 Discovery 20inch wheels(not sure on offset). I bought used with 90% life because I wanted to make sure the rubbing wouldn't be to bad but to my surprise I have not experienced any, BUT I know its at MAX and a new tire...
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    Current Brake Pad and Rotor Recommendations?

    I went with Zimmermann Coated Rotors and Akebono Ceramic Brakes. Been very happy with performance and little dust.
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    Brand New JLR Cooling System

    I had everything replaced, I thought anyways, then had a leak…..Was the thermostat that the shop did not replaced when they did everything else.

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