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    Johnson Rods vs Proud Rhino

    Someone requested a 1" lift on Instagram and Lucky8 made them one and said they were available for sale. Try shooting them an email or give them a call. I'm sure they'll sell you a set.
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    Johnson Rods vs Proud Rhino

    After reviewing many threads on JR vs PR lifts on various forums, youtube comments, and Instagram posts, I came to the conclusion there's a negligible difference in quality between the two, but more importantly, these lifts are a non-stressed part when installed. Still, I usually drink the "more...
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    New 2006 LR3 HSE owner from WA State

    Hello all, My New Defender order keeps getting pushed back, so I decided to tame my rig building cravings by purchasing a very well documented '06 LR3 HSE with 140K miles. Looking to learn how to take care of the vehicles myself and drool over member's build photos. Cheers!

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