air suspension fault

  1. E

    What would you do?

    Hi, I would like your opinion on what I should do. I am 2nd owner of a LR3 with 211,000 miles. I’ve kept my truck going through all the usual LR issues but now I’m at a crossroads. My air suspension is shot. I’ve replaced all 4 air struts, front & rear valve blocks and all 4 height sensors...
  2. B

    Land rover LR3 Reservoir valve code air suspension disaster.. PLEASE HELP

    Hello everyone, I have a land rover LR3 2006 V6 and have been dealing with a couple of strange issues with the air suspension. Ive researched all over for this issue, but Can only find 2 things about it and the forums just get cut off and end with no real help. When starting the car, I...
  3. Bryan Jones

    Weird suspension fault

    After about 40-45 minutes of mainly highway driving I get an Amber "suspension fault" light on the dash. Turn the truck off, turn it back on, light goes away. Another 40-45 minutes of mainly highway driving, it comes back on. The weird part is, the truck will still raise and lower as it...
  4. Joel

    Brand new compressor... still throwing normal height only

    Hey guys. I have a 2012 super charged with 145k. Frustrated with this normal height only business. I just spent 1400 on a new strut and 1300 on a new compressor. I start the car and after about 1 min the compressor stops and the “only normal height avail” comes on. Doesn’t effect the driving...
  5. J

    Suspension Fault after no start - replaced starter, mega fuse, now get faults.

    Hello, About 3 weeks ago my 2005 LR3 SE wouldn't start after a day of running errands. I first replaced the starter and that didn't fix, so I then traced the no start issue to the mega fuse linked to the positive battery terminal cable. After replacing the fuse, the LR3 cranked right up but now...
  6. tonyrover90

    Air Suspension Faults (2011 Discovery 4 Petrol V8 with 192000 kms)

    Hi Folks, hope you guys are doing well The weather in Alberta was extremely cold roughly minus 45 Celcius degree which probably affect on electrical components? This morning I recognized my car was a bit lower on the left side (looked like accessed height which I've never used) then I start the...

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