1. A

    2013 LR4 I'm new need advice on wheels

    Hello I'm new here looking for advice! tires need to be replaced asap on my 2013 LR4. Currently they are stock 20" rims with Perelli road tires. I would prefer 18-19" and AT tires. nothing crazy, but just to visit the mountains and do a bit of overlanding... interested in a Baja style 18x8...
  2. Johnson Rods

    Defender Lift Kit 33" tires

    Shown below is a dealer installed Johnson Rod 1.5 inch lift kit with 275-60-20 BFG KO2 (33 inch) tires. Many Land Rover dealers use our lift in their showrooms as an upgrade package. Our lift is preferred because of the quality of construction and materials that can stand up to extreme hot and...
  3. st312

    Putting larger tires on 2009 RRS HSE

    Bought a 2009 Range Rover Sport HSE about a year ago. It came standard with 20" Stormer wheels and 275/40-R20 tires. I RARELY go off-road, but Chicago roads are full of *** holes, speed bumps, constant parallel parking, and snow and ice in the winter. I also have family in Colorado, so do the...

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