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    Intermittent 'Restricted Performance' issue

    I have a 2013 LR4 V8 5.0 that intermittently gets the 'Restricted Performance' message and does not accelerate past 3.5K RPM (I can still get it to freeway speeds by accelerating slowly but flooring it causes the car to just accelerate past 3.5K RPM without actually doing anything (As if it were...
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    Misfire Codes and Restricted Performance after about 15 miles driving

    Ok... So a week ago, the water pump outlet thermostat tube busted and I had a major coolant leak while driving. The engine shut off, but it didn't say it was overheating. I got the part replaced and I drove it about 30 miles without issue. When I turned it back on, there was a slight rough idle...

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