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    New Recall Alert : Fuel System

    Same, I’m in MD and talked to my service girl today, she said maybe 2-3 weeks before the new parts are in. Hopefully. I’ve had a leak for a few month. It’s very noticeable if I fill the tank all the way up
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    New Recall Alert : Fuel System

    Also wanted to note/add to this post that my VIN didn’t pull up when I searched the past few days and I received my letter last night with my VIN on it for the recall. They must not have everything updated yet. My CEL came on recently and I had a shop give multiple codes that I can’t pull with...
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    2010-2011 LR4 Fuel leak investigation - FYI

    Did your check engine light pop up? And if so what were the codes? I smelled gas a few months ago when I was driving for work and it was there all night. Didn’t smell it after that but had some issues with mileage and my sensor, I thought my sensor/gauge was broken. Smelled it recently again...
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    New Recall Alert : Fuel System

    It’s says they will. I just read this when I was looking it up.

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