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    2006 Range Rover suspension fault

    Thanks for responding Well the news ain’t good. Compressor burnt out trying to deal with a myriad of small leaks. All four corners were original airbags, someone along the way did some height sensor changes and used some cheap and nasty sensors which, when the car bottomed out, decided to bend...
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    Hello from Seattle

    Hi, names Dean, I’m a Brit living in Seattle 2006 Range Rover HSE 4.4 - cost us $4k two and a half years ago (from an expat who was leaving and desperate to sell). It’s only cost us fuel and oil and has been a great car to own considering it’s done 150k miles.
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    2006 Range Rover suspension fault

    Hi, can anyone advise please. 2006 RR HSE (Aspirated) 4.4. At the moment, we are bottomed out on its haunches. Using the Nexdiag have the following codes coming up: C1A72 F L height sensor, C1A27 Compressor circuit, C1131 Air supply, C1A03 F L height sensor, C1A03 F R height sensor, U0416...

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