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    Water Ingress Driver Side

    Check/seal the plastic connectors that join the sunroof tray to the drain tubes. Perhaps a hairline crack could cause the seepage you are seeing. Pour water in sunroof tray to ensure drain lines are actually flowing, not clogged.
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    Another Crossover / cooling system job

    Rent fan clutch tool from autozone. I recommend getting a hose clamp plier kit, the long reach pliers were a life saver. The rest make life easier. I replaced the intake manifold gasket (I know some do not) I have the SCV6, the PCV is definitely easier to access with the SC/intercooler removed...
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    Go for the ATV with plow I'm in the same situation about 150ft of driveway. We went with the ATV plow solution. Bought a used Polaris 330 with AWD. Installed Warn winch with an aftermarket plow. Have less than $4500 in the whole setup. It is an absolute BEAST in the snow. Fun to drive, the...
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    Disabling 2014 ECO Switch

    Permanently disable ECO stop start This worked on my 2015 LR4. Auxiliary battery is under hood below black cover. Remove Neg battery cable, system is completely off. BUT orange ECO light stays lit in the IP. If you press ECO button, message pops up in IP "ECO mode unavailable" ECO mode is...

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