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    Low frequency vibration? Only while towing.

    I had two shops evaluate it with seat of the pants driving. Both agreed it was the transmission, after eliminating engine misfire, mounts etc. I agreed to a teardown and inspection of the unit. The pump damage was found then. They did a complete overhaul with updated parts and a new valve...
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    Low frequency vibration? Only while towing.

    Fixed the problem. Internal transmission oil pump bushing rotated in housing. Just $$$$$ and it's ok.
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    One side of dual air control not working :( blend stepper motor??

    My 11 Range Rover had the same turned out to be low freon. The climate control system did not work if the system was low pressure.
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    Timing Reinstall - Crankshaft Won't Turn by Hand

    Any progress?
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    Engine Management Fuses

    Can't really help without a schematic. If it blows with ignition off it probably connects to a always hot buss direct to battery.
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    2016 Range Rover Supercharged Gear selector

    Usually a combination of screws and very tight clips that require that you pry harder than you like to release. Suggest you find a manual or video of you model before trying too hard.
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    No bass

    If you have the GAP tool or similar, malfunctioning speakers or amplifiers will set a fault. My '11 Range rover shows bass speakers in both front doors shorted. The others are fine. I actually never noticed an issue.
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    Charging L322 when locked?

    I will remember that. Also useful if the cable breaks.
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    Charging L322 when locked?

    Any luck? I'll look for a way in. The release cable runs along the right fender so I don't think you can access from the grill
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    Low frequency vibration? Only while towing.

    One reason I bought a Rover was to travel comfortably, have off road capability, and tow a boat or trailer. Well 2 out of 3 ain't bad. Went for a 300 mile trip, towing a 3200 lb trailer. Went fine, and cruised at around 60 MPH. As we arrived, I noticed a tremor in second gear while...
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    Transmission (6HP28) drain and fill

    Plastic pan should have a plug. Search a bit for proper procedures for fluid fill. The required temp is not very hot. Only open fill plug with engine running!
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    Iland diagnostic tool Errors (10) AutoZone OS601 OBDII/EOBD (0)

    I think one tool supplier said there is no Rover without fault codes. If you try to start the car without a key it will set a code!
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    Iland diagnostic tool Errors (10) AutoZone OS601 OBDII/EOBD (0)

    The Auto Zone tool reads universal OBD codes common to all vehicles. Your tool has the ability to read LR specific codes.
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    Bomb Ticking under Driver Seat

    Let us know what you find. Maybe it is a common problem, we just don't know it yet!
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    Bomb Ticking under Driver Seat

    Are you using the seat heater? Some models have a fan under there.

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