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    How do you sit?

    I'm 6'4" and about 220, with my lux seats I run with it all the way down front and back, about an inch from full rear and slightly reclined. The wheel is telescoped all the way out and the top does cover the speedometer after 45mph
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    2011 LR4 normal engine sound?

    Is there something on these engines that dislike cold temperatures? I am coming up to my fourth winter with my 2012 bought in June of 2018. When I bought it I heard the normal noises and all was good no complaints or issues until near the end of the year and it started cooling down. When I first...
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    Intro! Firenze in HD

    The ground wire coming from the battery is only about 6 inches and just runs to the inner fender, that is where I attached my winch ground.
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    Intro! Firenze in HD

    When I ran my winch wires I took the ground back between the inner fender and fuse box

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