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    6K Miles and 2 dealership visits Already

    2022 SE, i ordered it around April-May
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    6K Miles and 2 dealership visits Already

    1st Service New - A/C rattle coming out of right center vent Fix - Disassembled the dash for some reason the move something that didn’t sit right. Fixed 2nd 6K miles -Breaks Squeek with light peddle pressure Fix - None, still squeaks -A/C blower seems to fluctuate speed Fix - None, still...
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    My 18 got the update during a service
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    2022 Coil Spring option

    Just ordered a 2022, new option are coil springs
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    Steal of a deal on an LR4 with issues

    Check the VACUUM PUMP, for the exhaust smoke..
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    LR4 Accessories

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    2020 Defender Drive Impressions.

    You feel the new defender faster more powerful than the LR4? I also have a 2010 5.0 and was looking into the D2. I don’t want to drop $$$$ for a decked out model. I want steelies too!
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    Speedometer recalibration with IID Tool

    I have the same issue, 3mph off. 255/65/19
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    "Bucking" during acceleration

    took it to a transmission shop, and he mentions the same thing, fluid level. low or high can cause issues. the shop that changed my fluids was a general Machanic. Last time I do that again.
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    Coolant Low level alarm but level normal

    The float goes bad. You have to change the expansion tank.
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    "Bucking" during acceleration

    I’m getting a similar **** at a Med/Hard acceleration from stop. It started after I changed the transmission oil. 186,000mils
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    Show off your D5

    Thanks! oem 275/55/20 I did have it on off-road hight. My LR4 has rods and a bit extra gap tool lift up front to level out
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    Show off your D5

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    Help! Its Smoking!

    It’s the vacuum pump, it’s sucking oil into the intake. I also added a catch can. I had the same problem and took 4 shops to figure it out. It feels like it accumulates then Boom!! Cloud of smoke
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    Johnson loft and spacers

    I’m rods and Gap tool to put a little bit xtra lift , 26mm front 13mm back, to get a more level stance slight squat on My LR 4. ride is not as sturdy as stock but I bet it rides better than a Jeep!! want the best ride, keep it stock. Maybe for the first 60k miles.

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