1. S

    AC Vents Blowing Hot on Passenger Side - 2011 Range Rover

    My 2011 Ranger Rover's Air Conditioner is blowing cold air through the two driver side vents, but hot air through all of the other vents in the vehicle. If I close all of the hot air vents, it reduces the cold air coming through the driver's vents. The cold air in the driver's vents is pretty...
  2. S

    Interior Smell - 2011 Range Rover

    I recently purchased a 2011 Range Rover with a bit of a rough interior. Interior isn't dirty, but seats have lots of cracks and headliner is beginning to separate in places. There seems to be a very strong musty chemical smell that stays on you even hours after driving the vehicle. It's...
  3. L Crist

    2011 LR4 Headlight Upgrade to Facelift Xenons...

    Hello! Doing some research but unable to get a clear answer on this. With the Gap tool, I should be able to fit the facelift style xenons on my 2011 LR4 with halogens, correct? Does it matter if the headlamps are adaptive or not? (I have the facelift grille from powerfuluk with spacer on hand) I...
  4. Adrien

    2011 LR4/RRS 5.0 Charging System Fault at ~60mph

    Hello! I replaced my alternator about 3 months ago and the power output has been almost completely consistent and up to par. However, I noticed when the vehicle is held at a speed around 60mph for an extended time the "Charging System Fault" message appears for 1-2 seconds and then turns off...

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