1. D_Walt

    Cars and Bids LR4 Purchase & More

    A few weeks ago I purchased an LR4 form Cars and Bids with around 88,000 miles. I've gone back and forth on getting into a Land Rover for years and decided now was a good enough time, as prices have withdraw from pandemic highs. Dealers still want 19-25k for a decent LR4 or sport. It's a second...
  2. D_Walt

    LR4 5.0 (2012) engine bay rattle when cold

    I recently purchased a 2012 LR4 with the 5.0L v8 on original timing chains with 88k miles. While the engine is noisy, I don’t believe there is any timing chain slap. However, a distinct rattle can be heard from the engine bay when cold. It’s not the failed fan clutch tick, this is much quicker...
  3. C

    2012 RRFF SC engine knock

    Hey guys, I'm new to this thread. I hope I posted in the right place. I have a 2012 5.0 sc that is making a knocking noise on a warm restart. It does it at random. Two Land Rover specialty shops have said its possibly the timing chains or catastrophic engine failure/low oil in the lower engine...

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