1. B

    2008 Land Rover LR2 SE!!! HELPPP PLEASEEEEEE!

    Hi, back in April I bought a 2008 Land Rover SE from a old guy who claimed to have bought it and fixed it up for his grandson! the VERY NEXY DAY is started giving me issues. I do not now what to do, it keep over heating and leaking coolant and I don't know what to do. I go through a gallon or...
  2. Jamie Pichora

    High revs when cold

    Hullo! I'm in the middle of the first winter with my 2015 LR4 (100k). I'm noticing a weird behaviour of revving annoyingly high and shifting hard for the first 5 mins or so of driving. After that, it's smooth as silk. I've never experienced anything like this in five vehicles. I'd driven my...
  3. JARentDTOM

    Please identify these sounds! LR4 Vibration on Gas pedal and Front End Clicking

    I have two sounds going on (please listen to video). If you know what these are please share. Video 1: Pressing gas pedal when Parked or Driving vibrates the entire car. Feel it in the driver’s seat, it even is enough to make the back window vibrate. Video 2: I can hear this at different...

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