1. D

    SOLD Chapel Hill, NC $65,000.00 OBO - 2020 Defender 110 S P300 16,860 miles Extremely well equipped!

    Will be selling to Carvana on December 9th at 9:30 a.m. for $60,859.00 unless I can get a much better offer here. 16,860 miles original owner No issues clean North Carolina title in-hand extremely well equipped, see build sheet and Monroney PM me for any questions or additional pictures -Fuji...
  2. D

    FS: Chapel Hill, NC - $1,800.00 OBO 5 almost new TuffAnt 18" Black Alloys with Nitto Ridge Grapplers 255 70 18 XL

    Selling my 2020 Defender 110 S P300, reinstalled the original 20" wheels. This is why I am selling these awesome 90% tread Nitto Ridge Grappler 255 70 18 XL on 18" TuffAnt ET27 offset Wheels. Pictures shown airing back up after wheeling at Uwharrie. Wheels will not have TPMS sensors but will...
  3. D

    P300 v P400 L663 Defender

    The main reason I went with the P300 (other than cost) was that I did not want to mess with installing different brake calipers to fit 18" wheels for more off road tire choices. Having driven both the I4 turbo (P300) and the MHEV I6 elec SC/turbo (P400) and living with the I4 for about 4,000...
  4. Johnson Rods

    Defender Lift Kit 33" tires

    Shown below is a dealer installed Johnson Rod 1.5 inch lift kit with 275-60-20 BFG KO2 (33 inch) tires. Many Land Rover dealers use our lift in their showrooms as an upgrade package. Our lift is preferred because of the quality of construction and materials that can stand up to extreme hot and...
  5. J

    2020 defender off road pack - rear locker

    very few defenders come to the US with the off road pack which has the rear locker. if you want this option you are most likely having to buy one fully equipped which is almost the same price as a range 90k! if i buy one without the off road pack can i add a factory rear locker after?
  6. Mehmet C

    Hello from a new Defender Owner

    Hello everyone, got my hands on a Land Rover Defender 90 Extreme 2.5L and I am registering to just about every Land Rover forum I can find. I am a happy fellow landy owner and hoping to find some help if I need any.
  7. DonMitsu

    LR4 vs Defender

    We've owned our LR4 for 9 years now, longer than any other car. We still absolutely love the vehicle, and were not impressed when the new Disco was released. Monday we're going to test drive the new Defender. Has anyone else compared the LR4 to the Defender? If so what are your thoughts?
  8. Zack Gonzalez

    What LR??

    Can anyone help shed some light on what LR this is? Is this a concept or an LR4 with a grill mod? new defender ?

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