1. JDNugent

    Speedometer Misread w/Smaller Rims

    I had a set of 22” rims on my 2016 RR Autobiography LWB and switched to 20” rims w/dedicated Blizzak snow tires on them. I noticed a 10 mph difference between the speedometer and my Waze GPS . I wonder if this is because of the smaller rims? Has anyone had a similar experience? Thanks
  2. M

    GPS / XM SAT /Analog,HD Antenna. Leed identification Radio

    Hi Guys, 2006 LR3 SE I have replaced my head unit in the LR3 with a Kenwood Dmx957xr. Currently utilizing the Stock Amp and Speakers. No problem so far with the unit or steering wheel controls with The Question. I would like to reutilize the...
  3. Mehmet C

    Theft risk/Tracker advice please

    New member here, I hope someone can help. A lot of cars were stolen in my area these days and planning to install an insurance/thatcham tracker for my LR. After a lot of research I've decided on this brand, as they seem to have the best prices...

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