Jaguar Land Rover Has Big Goals To Achieve By 2030

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It's a tough task, but the British manufacturer has a plan!

When the new Land Rover Range Rover was revealed last year, the automaker confirmed that the new-generation SUV would spawn a fully electric derivative in 2024. As for Jaguar, it still only has one EV in the form of the I-Pace, but Jaguar Land Rover as a whole will have to do a lot more in the years ahead to electrify its portfolio and meet increasingly stricter emissions standards. We now have a clearer picture of how and when this will play out as JLR has announced its sustainability targets for 2030 and beyond. While other companies like Bentley are aiming for a full lineup of EVs as early as 2030, it'll take a bit more time for JLR to get there.

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JLR has committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 46% across all its operations, and by 54% per vehicle across its value chain by 2030. This includes a 60% reduction in the vehicle use phase. The company will then aim to achieve net zero carbon emissions across its supply chain, products, and operations by 2039. These goals are in line with the Paris Agreement. Of course, JLR will increasingly have to electrify its model lineup to achieve these goals. There are already hybrid versions of the Range Rover and Range Rover Sport, and we know that a plug-in hybrid version of the Defender is on the way.

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As for Jaguar, it announced last year that it will be an EV-only carmaker by 2025. Unsurprisingly, it'll be harder for Land Rover to achieve the same since an electric crossover is easier to engineer than a rugged, large electric SUV that is expected to tow heavy rigs and conquer challenging off-road trails.
"As we move from climate ambition into action, we are now embedding sustainability into the Jaguar Land Rover DNA to minimize our carbon footprint across our value chain," said Rossella Cardone, Director and Head of Sustainability Office at JLR. "Science-based targets tell us how much and how quickly we need to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions as well as keeping stakeholders informed about our progress."


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Nov 7, 2011
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With no replacement of older nuclear power plants plus the increase of electrical power demand everyone owning new electrically powered gadgets including 100% electrically heated new home construction. Where is all this increased power demand coming from?

Coal, oil and natural gas generating plants are what we have as hydro power adds a very small percentage of electricity.
No coal generators in California so we buy electricity from out of state from coal powere generstors. Carbon footprint is still carbon but produced outside of California so all is well in California right? Not in our state carbon produced generting plants.
Houses gone solar when people live in small houses on small pieces of land, no way your gonna cook a turkey off a small yard or rooftop area of solar panels. Sun goes down the oven turns cold, resume turkey cooking after sunrise.

Oh the carbon footprint of coal, oil and natural gas to recharge your "Green Zero Emissions Electric Vehicles". The power is magic it comes out of the plug in the wall of your house no worries.

Will Land Rover still be around in 2030 or 2039 not alone only five years from now?????
Land Rover strted in England, off to India and recall now told made in Chyna.

What ever happened to Hydrogen powered vehicles, water out the tailpipe you can drink.
Yup power is required for the electrolysis process in producing Hydrogen gas then compressing it into high pressure cylinders. That magic plug on the wall it's all good.

Coal, oil or natural gas fired generators, generators are not 100% efficient along with wire resistance pushing electricity hundreds of miles to lets call it any big city U.S.A.
Power of low voltage to your neighborhood vs 235,000 to 530,000 including 1,300,000 volt transmission lines. The transformers in the grid system starting at the genersting plants on down to the poles with transformers near your house reducing 1,200 or 2,400 volts AC to 230 / 120 volts are not 100% efficent. Add the charging system for your electric vehicle the charger is not 100% efficient along with wall floor heating strips or portable electric heaters. Batteries in the vehicle are not 100% efficient power in vs power out, add to this the speed controller another efficiency drop, lets not forget the electric motors in the vehicle, they are not 100% efficient along with producing heat also as wasted energy, heat to keep you warm if ducted to interior. Defrost resistance wires in windshields also not 100% efficient along with all types of lighting systems. LEDs ave come a long way vs Thomas Edison's glowing element lamps, nor bulbs they grow into plants.

The process of making vehicle batteries requires a lot of energy to manufacture.

Electric big rigs, yeah right what kind of battery will be required also reducing the max cargo weight of the rig to pull California our 80,000 lbs. the max rig weight allowed on California roads?
Pulling loads up basic foothills or into the mountains like long haul big rigs, your battery running low what next, plug into the nearest pine or oak tree?
Tech is not there yet with batteries.

Over two decades waiting and asking why Hydrogen has not been looked into as a new clean source of power if gasoline is being phased out. It's not a hazard dealing with a high pressure cylinder of compressed Hydrogen gas in any vehicle, crash testing proved they are safe. I bet oil companies have a big say in killing Hydrogen research paying off those in Congress how to control bills protecting big oil. Profits of big oil the higest ever presently, you the public suffer at thew gas pump.
We had a surplus of gasoline in America, not so now buying from other countries at inflated prices hurting the hard working class of Americans, the legal working Americans.
My take, opinions and expressions, no need to roast me if we differ. A 45 year man I.B.E.W. electrician, commerical and industrial, what do I know?? THX.....~~=o&o>......

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