Pls help!!! U0403, U0421, U0416 disco 3

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    Aug 17, 2018
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    Hi ive a 2005 tdi v6 disco 3. I sent my car in 4 a vàlet, when collecting my car put ignition on and the
    1. Green hi-low flashing on cluster even when ignition off it flashes another 10 seconds.
    2. Round amber light on solid. 3. No special programs.
    4. No HDC
    5. Air suspention buttons just flashing, no light @ special pecial programs
    6. Yellow button with car going down, ping ping!!!
    Now ive another doner disco 3 that just standing engine problem so i started swapping parts.
    Replaced center console with all switches, rear brake bulbs,switch all working, battrey good, alterator 13.50v on startup. The suspention does not work via center consol only works when ignition is off hazzards on and doors closed then pressing the remote. There was alittle corrosion behind battrey tccmodule also swopped out. Now im sitting with 3 dtc codes u0403, u0421, u0416 can any body out there help me pls.



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