I have had a loaner D5 for a week Ask Me Anything (LR4 owner)

Discussion in 'Discovery 5' started by machmike, Dec 23, 2017.

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    Lots of wrong information in here:

    LR3 / LR4 are integrated body on frame, as they dont have solid rear axles.

    Wading depth of the Disco5 is 35" vs 27.5" of the LR4 stock...

    Overal the disco 5 is on paper are far more off road capable vehicle, and time will tell if the issues we saw with the Lr3/4 have been resolved. Not sure what your LR3 has done to it, but the LR3/4 look very skinny and box compared to the disco 5
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    Hmmmm ........

    The LR3/LR4 are integrated body on frame but that is just a fancy way of saying the full frame has been integrated into a unibody. The body can be lifted off the frame. The D5 is unibody. Unibody and more extensive use of aluminum is how LR reduced the D5 weight.

    IFS/IRS are a function of design choice, not frame or lack of frame. I would think you could add solid axles to a LR3/LR4 if you wanted, not that I would want to, while the D5 you could not.

    The D5 air intake has been integrated into the hood. The LR3/4 have snorkels available. Other than that there is no real difference in wading depth.

    Agree, the LR3/LR4 are boxy while the D5 is a bloated jelly bean, like all of the other SUV's today.
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    I've had a 2011 LR4 and now a 2015. The wife and I went to look at the D5 today. Was my third time.

    I love my LR4. I would drive them forever if I could. My lease is up in about 4 months and I'm really trying to like the D5 but I can't get there. Access to the third row is terrible. I know the D5 is longer but I feel like the third row is smaller. It's looks are OK, but the back is just not right and it looks like everything else.

    I know the new trend is rounded SUVs but for those who liked the LR4 and all that it was, what trucks are you considering? I'm going to test drive a land cruiser next week. I know in some ways it's a step back in technology, however for what I want it may be my next tuck.

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