Spindle Rod Failure

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    Dec 31, 2005
    About 500 miles ago my old LR3 developed a tail wagging tendency. Slight cross winds or road camber changes would make the rear end sway. On a highway off ramp the stability control light illuminated for the first time. I thought it might be time to replace rear control arms (2005 with 167,000 miles). It was on my list to get it in for service when backing up, it sounded like I had backed over a plastic bucket. Got out and saw that the left rear wheel was turned about 20 degrees to the right and jammed into the plastic fender liner. Crawled underneath and could see that the outer sleeve of the Spindle Rod had "unscrewed" from the rod (for those not familiar, the spindle rod looks just like an oversized tie rod and functions about the same as).

    Jacked it up screwed the sleeve back on to the rod only to be able to immediately pull it back off. The threads were still there but the sleeve had become oversized and slipped off. I took the whole assembly back to my shop (luckily only a four block walk) and welded the sleeve to the rod. That got me back on the road until a new rod came in the mail.

    My Advice: Immediately investigate any stage handling concerns particularly those involving the rear suspension. Fortunately mine parted in a parking lot and not on the highway

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