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    Name That Sound !

    Can you hear it outside the vehicle? First thoughts that come to mind are the compressor pulley (maybe a bearing) or if you can’t hear it outside, something in the blower
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    Dealership Multi-Point Inspection INSANE Recommendations!

    I mean it’s a very plausible theory. anytime I go in they always find something; brake pads, tires, BG44 treatment. Last time it was condensation in the brake fluid and needed a flush; current fluid is 2yrs 20k mi old. I think another factor is the clientele of LR owners; most don’t do their...
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    What should I strip off this LR3 for spare parts for my LR4?

    This. I’m sure there would be a market for doors, hood, bumpers and glass, but who knows how long you would have to hold them until you sold them. Parts that would be rebuildable like diffs and xfer case would have value. But very little would I pull to put on my rig being used.
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    New Recall Alert : Fuel System

    Confirming not true - 2016 3.0sc
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    catalytic converters replacement marketplace?

    I’ve seen them at the scrap metal yard when I’ve taken other metals. I think now they require more info from the scrapper, but I’m not sure what specifically
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    Aluminum crossovers exist now! (maybe)

    It seems odd to me that they made both considering JLR updated the 3 piece design to a 2 piece. If it were me I’d go 2 piece; that’s what my new pipes are and that’s 1 less o-ring to fail or pinch on install.
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    Only 5 quarts of oil drained second oil change in a row (also… drain plug?)

    I have 2 other vehicles that I maintain as well, the Sentra I have to use ramps for, and my Silverado (like the lr4) I can just slide right under. Even taking skid plates off I can do it in about 20 min. I also have fumoto valves on everything (even lawn mower) to save time and mess; I highly...
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    Only 5 quarts of oil drained second oil change in a row (also… drain plug?)

    I always drain using the plug; 1 - I don’t want to pay for an extractor, 2 - getting underneath give you a chance to look around for things dripping or wearing out
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    Aluminum crossovers exist now! (maybe)

    In my mind it would mount just like the stock piece; the difference would be that the external part would kinda mirror the part that goes into the block. It would be a couple of more pieces, but the red part would be the exposed end of the blue parts. Just the thought of more rubber hoses...
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    Has anyone reflashed their 3.0SC V6 aka Tune?

    I didn’t know you could do that! I may have to try this
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    Current Brake Pad and Rotor Recommendations?

    I’m satisfied with my powerstop rotors and pads; have them on my z71 Silverado too
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    Aluminum crossovers exist now! (maybe)

    What is the likelihood that the o-rings fail on this version? I would be inclined to put them on the next time I’m due. Also just thinking, a cheaper/easier method to me would be an aluminum adapter that goes into the block but accepts a molded coolant hose. Then have aluminum adapters to...
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    New Recall Alert : Fuel System

    It’s funny, I just got the 2nd letter today dated May 11; I never got the first letter that they said was sent Oct. 7 2021
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    New Recall Alert : Fuel System

    Everything there was covered on the recall, I wasn’t having any problems related to these parts.
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    New Recall Alert : Fuel System

    Just picked up the truck and asked if the parts were updated, they said it was. Here are the parts replaced:

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