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    Upper control arm prices

    Do you have a ball joint separator that you'd recommend? I bought the harbor freight one but it was too small, ended up doing my tie rods with a pickle fork which absolutely destroyed the old joint's boots. Plus I don't really care for the impacts on the knuckle, so would prefer to use a...
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    Upper control arm prices

    I've resigned myself to the fact that any repair that requires going to the shop, the bill will be in the $1500 range... I'm trying to do more and more myself...
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    Upper control arm prices

    A friend in Seattle was just quoted $2100 for lower arms, plus $270 for the alignment, at the dealer, for context. An absolute ripoff if you ask me.
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    2012 LR4 Reluctant to lower from off-road suspension mode

    It's part VUB504700, for Hitachi only. You can get it from LR: Atlantic British have one too: I wish I'd gone this route, as...
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    2012 LR4 Reluctant to lower from off-road suspension mode

    Changing the dryer, if you have a Hitachi compressor, is straight forward. Hardest part will be disconnecting the hoses from the back side of the compressor (intake and exhaust hoses), and re-installing the compressor bracket when you reassemble due to a hard to reach bolt that need to be...
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    Workshop service manual for north american 2010 LR4 V8

    Can you download the workshop manual from topix if you pay for access?
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    2012 LR4 Reluctant to lower from off-road suspension mode

    Does the front lower ok, and it's just the rear that stays up in the air? If so, wouldn't that rule out the exhaust solenoid valve? One thing to note, given the age of your LR4 the desiccant might have turned to powder and started traveling the air lines and gunked up your valve blocks. I...
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    2012 LR4 Reluctant to lower from off-road suspension mode

    Reach out to lucky8, they have in the past given discounts to forum members. They might even give you the sale price.
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    TPMS settings with IID tool

    The car auto-detects the TMPS sensors, there's no programming required. The sensors themselves have a limited lifespan, so it's possible they are due for replacement. There are two different frequencies used, though, 315MHz on older vehicles, and 433MHz on newer. My 2012 uses 315MHz, I don't...
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    Happy Thanksgiving

    I agree wholeheartedly! This site has made ownership much more satisfying.
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    Misfiring Cyl 2/4/6 ?? 2015 LR4

    I feel you'd be well served getting an IID tool, so you can not just pull codes, but data log sensors live. It would make things more data driven rather than throwing parts at it and hoping they do the trick.
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    Starting issue

    For science, can you measure voltages like you did before to have a "good" baseline?
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    failed as in it dropped you to the bumpstops?
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    LR4 market question

    I don't see that here in Portland, I think two things work against the v8: age, and uncertainty about timing chains.
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    Wire Loom Cover

    not helpful to you here, but I'm surprised your HSE didn't come with heated seats - ours did, and is not a Lux but does have the locking diff/etc.

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