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    Clunk/knock, starting to get concerned.

    Have you checked the ball joints?
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    New Recall Alert : Fuel System

    Correct. But I'd want explicit confirmation of updated parts before scheduling the appointment...
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    New Recall Alert : Fuel System

    I think this was asked before, but needs to be asked again... do the dealerships now have UPDATED part numbers with improved design, so the recall work only has to be performed once? Last year the answer was "no, same old defective parts". :hmmmm:
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    Lessons Learned Rebuilding 5.0 V8 2012 LR4 Engine

    Just curious... are the AJ133 V8 flaws that bad, they are worse than all the drawbacks (and cost!) of a complete engine/marque swap? Other than the timing chain issues which should be a 1-time repair expense, what is the incentive to lose the stock powerplant? (OK, ok, more power would be nice...
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    5.0 supercharged into an LR4?

    Depends on what components were different between SC and non-SC versions of the engine. If the SC version has all the same bottom end, it might be doable. If a bunch of parts or castings were upgraded, then it would probably be a bad idea to add the supercharger to the non-SC engine... :stickyman
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    Intro! Firenze in HD

    Thanks! I like the seat color of Arabica but the rest of it is too light. REALLY like the Landmark edition "Tan"... never seen it before. Bummer it seems to only be available on 2016 models, I'd prefer the V8. :driver:
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    Intro! Firenze in HD

    Living among dirt farms, we can't have dark paint. Black paint is not an option, period. But we need black interior, as it's nearly impossible to keep the cream-color interior clean. Which reminds me - what other interior colors were available on North American spec LR4, besides black and...
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    Intro! Firenze in HD

    ... usually with the light-color tan/beige interior (not sure of the correct color name). Hard to find certain color combos. Totally love this one!
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    Lower control arm replacements

    Is that for 2 lower controls arms only, including parts and labor, I assume? $1400 is kinda high for lowers only. I just had them replaced at the dealer, $330 labor, $150 alignment, and I supplied OEM (Lemforder) LCA's for $400/pair. About $900 out the door. If your mechanic is charging full...
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    rear wiper motor successfully fixed

    It's fixed! Had to use the 54mm gear w/o metal piece, current Bross p/n BGE24FBA. The other gear that includes the metal piece is 53mm diameter, looks almost identical, but the shape/pitch of the teeth seemd slightly different. The 53mm gear may have worked, but I didn't try it. The Bross...
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    Lower control arm replacements

    OK. I've got 130k and it drives fine at all speeds. The clunk is intermittent and only noticeable at low speeds with fairly significant suspension movement, usually turning in/out of a parking lot across a dip for drainage. Been like that since we bought it with ~110k.
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    Lower control arm replacements

    Will do. Is there an easy (or, definite) test, or am I just looking for obvious play / wear?
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    Lower control arm replacements

    I have new Lemforder sitting around waiting for me to install them. I tried replacing the sway bar end links to cure the intermittent "clunk" noise up front, but there was zero change. The old ones had no detectable play. Figured it was a long shot but worth a try before the unpleasant LCA...
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    2013 LR4 - Weird Humming Noise

    The damper helps with strange vibrations at 2400-3000 RPM. The damper won't help with a kick/boom situation, which sounds like valvebody/shifting to me? :flybye:
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    Steal of a deal on an LR4 with issues

    That is a sweet drill! :D

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