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    Timing chain - advice - sigh

    I know it’s probably overkill, but i do oil changed through FCP euro. I spend roughly $15 an oil change. They accept the old oil back for a refund. I change my oil every 3 months since i have the time and it takes 15-20 mins. 2011 LR4 with 125k and smooth like butter…frequent oil changes may be...
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    Air Suspension Compatibility...

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    Air Suspension Compatibility...

    Wanted to add, tires make a huge difference lol. I had noisy as hell cooper zeon ltz’s that had almost 45k miles on em. My entire rig felt like crap. I slapped those new michelin cross climate tires on and WOW….it feels like i have new airs shocks on the truck. Point is, make sure your tires...
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    Air Suspension Compatibility...

    OEM shocks vs B6 bilstein ride quality differs in tastes depending on the person. A family friend of mine put those bilstein B6 air shocks on his LR4 and he LOVES them over his original set up. He had a 2013 with the oem bags and changed em out at 150K miles. I just verified with him. Anyways...
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    Pending codes on a 110k mile 2011 LR4

    Hey everyone, I’ve been battling a few pending codes for the past couple weeks. The engine light has never been triggered, but i sensed an issue when i noticed the truck stumbling a bit when it was idling at a stoplight. That made me check for codes with the scanner. It does NOT currently...
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    Does anyone know the weight distribution? F/R %

    LR4 Ratings Base Curb Weight 5617 Gross Vehicle Weight 7143 Gross Axel Weight Front 3197 Gross Axel Weight Rear 4090 Tongue Weight 551 Tow Rate 7716 Unbraked Trailer 1653 Gross Total Weight 14859 Honestly i had these figures copy and pasted on my phone for a few years. I’m not sure if they’re...
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    2016 fuel pump failure after fuel tank flange recall

    I am definitely not taking my LR4 in for thay recall. Everything is working as it should. They might work on it at the dealership and put further excessive wear and tear on aged lines, screws, wires and such. That’s more headache than its worth. If it aint broke…..
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    1 year old OEM denso LR4 5.0 V8 Alternator

    Anyone interested in buying a one year old OEM alternator? It was installed on my truck about a year ago and has about 6k miles on it. Reason i’m getting rid of it is because i’m installing a high output alternator. I’m about to install a a 5k watt sound system and I’m pretty sure this stock 150...
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    Lower control arm bushing question

    Uhm i have that same amount of play, but my arms have tons of mileage and needs replacement
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    Downshift catching... a bit harsh... Just a bit.

    My LR4 started driving that way only until after 75k miles? Then again i started noticing this behavior after doing some exhaust work on the truck. It’s more free flowing (exhaust) and the engine braking definitely got more pronounced when downshifting at slow speeds in 2nd gear or so after the...
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    Recharge air conditioning

    Well that makes sense to me as well….
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    Recharge air conditioning

    Make sure you correct any leaks first. Usually the system never needs recharging unless it’s leaking. That is my understanding, correct me if i’m wrong people.
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    What's everyone's favourite replacement lower control arms?

    No go for the lucky 8’s as well. Been about 36 months and the right side is shot.
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    Help with a part number please ?

    Shoot sorry just realized you got it.
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    Help with a part number please ?


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