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Apr 18, 2021 at 11:10 AM
Jun 28, 2004
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Custom Rover Accessories

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Apr 18, 2021 at 11:10 AM
    1. Jason_K
      Mr Joey, I am a former Jeeper turned Land Rover (ist). I would like to provide, pictures and video of "how-to's" in order to help provide answers quickly. I think I can provide some good sticky threads but I am not too forum savvy. How can I get trusted enough to share my experiences and make them worthy?
      1. joey
        Just post them in the Article section if they are How To's, if specific model related, just post in the appropriate forum. If it flags as spam, I will approve as soon as I see it. I check several times a day most days.
        Aug 8, 2020
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    2. Rafael Naranjo
      Rafael Naranjo
      i have a dico II, I live in california, my question is after i change al my catalytic convertrs and sensors my computer is not reading or finishing all the readings what can i do, i drove the discovery for almos a month but still the same. i need recomendations please.
    3. P38 Dummy
      P38 Dummy
      Hi Joey!
      I went to cut the stereo harness, to rewire a new one.. thinking it was still 2002 & easy to do. Well, upon cutting the harness I managed to do something that made my dash instruments not work. I rewired everything back to stock (color wise) & now if i push the stereo power button my gas & H/C gauge bounce.
      1. E1966
        you can't cut anything on this car, or doing any work without disconnecting the battery. If you do... You wallet will be screaming at you. Try disconnecting the battery and clear all the codes.
        Oct 28, 2019
    4. Frederick Griffin
      Frederick Griffin
      You posted in a thread last year that you had a contact for extended warranties. It was supposed to be in your sig but can't find your sig. Can you please provide that information?
    5. Life By Victoria
      Life By Victoria
      Please Help! I need new lenses for my 2007 Range Rover Sport headlights. I can't find them anywhere. Please Advise.
    6. bgbrown125
      What happened to you, buddy. .?
    7. bgbrown125
      Joey...My 2000 Disco II has a coolant leak that I cannot find. Initially, I saw coolant coming from the water pump bolts thru timing cover. R & R water pump. No more coolant there. However, there is still a leak coming from the front driver's side of engine (best guess). I can't see where it is coming from! Frustrated in NC mountains. Any guidance would be appreciated.
    8. Sagin
      Hi Joey, I'm new to the forum. Where can I find info on the MAP sensor and the fault code P0106 ? I have replaced the MAP sensor as described by a member and also cleaned the MASS air flow sensors and installed new air filters. That said, I still have the P0106 after clearing the fault and driving for a few miles. Seems like I may be he only one to have a MAP sensor issue.
    9. arg0naut22
      good morning, joey. when i signed on here, i inadvertantly typed in my email as my username. is there any simple way to just edit my username down to arg0naut22, like i originally intended? thanks.
    10. theruddfamily
      Hi Joey my name is Lonnie, I have read a lot of your posts and was wondering if I can email you a video of a coolant leak and tell me if it's the valley pan gasket? 95 landrover disco
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    Secondly never swap ECUs between vehicles to test them, because both vehicles and ECUs may stop working, and you'll have to have them all reset by a franchised LR dealer (ouch!).