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    LR4 windshield replacement

    i would inspect the wiring at the plug and spray the contacts with electronics cleaner.
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    2016 LR4 Negative battery terminal

    looks to me like you need to loosen the extender nut, then push the clamp way down on the post so there will be a gap, giving you some space to tighten.
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    Follow up on detachable tow hitch receiver

    My challenge (at 81) has always been that the key and the green knob need to be moved in opposite directions.
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    Mudflaps to catch rocks

    You need the OEM rears for sure. The first time we drove on the sharp cracked gravel used here on rural roads towing our Cricket trailer behind, we were horrified to hear and see gravel hitting the trailer and bouncing back off the rear glass. We bought the OEM fronts as well to prevent gravel...
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    Water pump replaced, still leaking coolant

    Yes, I heard that. My pipe just seems to ooze along its length. It must tbe porous in some way. The seals are fine.
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    Rearview Mirror Covers

    yes, the fake chrome ones when shopping on the LR parts sites, the warning is they do not fit a 2015 model.
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    Water pump replaced, still leaking coolant

    I would climb up on the engine, reach back to the rear heater manifold pipe and feel for coolant slime, even though it is new. Ours has been oozing for 6 years now, about a pint every 3 or 4 months, not enough to drip but I can see the orange stain way back along the ******. Bought a new...
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    Rearview Mirror Covers

    Has anyone fitted bright finish mirror covers to a 2015 LR4 HSE Lux?
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    Rearview Mirror Covers

    I really want to replace our sun-damaged mirror covers with the bright finish covers shown as accessories in our 2015 LR Brochure. According to LR’s online parts catalogue the bright finish fits only ‘16 to ‘22 models and I need the paint-to-match covers used from ‘14-‘17. I do see that the...
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    Water in Passenger Footwell

    So, here you see the ruptured passenger-side sunroof drain that was pouring water down our wiring harness. On replacement I avoided removal of the Central Junction Box by using a scope to watch through the drain hole as I pushed the new hose down behind the CJB. After the ****** was in sight I...
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    Water in Passenger Footwell

    Anyone know what this little tube behind the air vent rubber does?
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    Water in Passenger Footwell

    Frankly, I’m now suspicious of a manufacturing defect as our passenger side sunroof drain is way too short, terminating somewhere behind the large fusebox behind the lower glovebox, inside the passenger footwell. I see no alternative but to run a new drain tube, perhaps into the plenum. Will...
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    Water in Passenger Footwell

    I could not see the source of the water as it flowed down the large harness from above. This am I will try compressed air through the sunroof drain tube.
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    Water in Passenger Footwell

    I’m struggling with the sunroof drain issue as well. Water poured into the passenger sunroof drain runs down the large wiring harness next to the Apillar and fills the channel where the harness runs. The cabin filter is totally dry and the plenum drains just fine down around the air vent which I...
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    Air vent trim removal

    Does the plastic trim just pull straight out of the fender? I’ve pulled pretty hard without success.

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