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    Water Pump Replacement - Preemptive?

    Indeed, and just as important are the crossover pipes (especially the front). These 2 items are the most common assassins of our motors, and there are a lot of good threads out there on how to replace. Preemptive replacement? Yes, yes, and yes. IMO, your mileage is in the target zone. Go...
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    Dealer does not recommend changing transmission filter...ever?

    I've replaced the pan/filter once and drained/refilled mine twice now, and am glad I did it. My fluid wasn't terrible either time, but I'd hate to think what it would look like now if I never changed it.. I cut my filter open, and it was kind of dirty, and that was at 70k! The magnets needed...
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    2015 V6 coolant pipes done. Pics of old pipes

    102k on the clock when I did mine.. Both ports on mine crumbled on removal, but weren't leaking when I started the repair. In the end I'm glad I did it, and will do it in another 60k- I'm not letting an easily replaceable plastic pipe smoke this motor..! The rear was in fine shape, I'll do...
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    Particulate on Valves - HELP!!

    Gotcha, thanks for the input.. Every once in awhile, I hear someone saying that this stuff clogged their Cats, or some other downstream issue.. I'd like to get back into regular cleanings every 15-20k or so, and would like to do it myself..
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    Particulate on Valves - HELP!!

    Has anyone else here used this CRC product? I'm very interested, but wanted to get some input prior to using it- I've seen the back of my valves and wonder if there are any drawbacks/dangers to this..
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    Particulate on Valves - HELP!!

    Are you taking the intake off? I know you can just tilt it to work on the front bits, but you might want to take it all the way off to verify all is clean. Then you can get a vacuum in there to suck everything up. We're only talking a few minutes to get it off, and then you can have the...
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    PCV Valve Replacement

    Gang, For the 100k birthday/tune up, I decided to go after the PCV valves. This was preventative- I wasn't getting any smoke or codes. This is an easy job, but worthy of a write-up as there are a couple of tricks to make this easy. Time: 15 minutes. 30 minutes if you're going slow, or drunk...
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    Particulate on Valves - HELP!!

    That's the way they look, especially when untreated.. I saw this on many threads when people had the intake off, and in person when I did the pump/x2 crossovers. It's not great, but I don't think it's overly harmful- I think it's just a symptom of the EGR in these engines. I know of 2 ways to...
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    V8 Coolant Manifold / Crossover & Maintenance Parts List

    This is the hose to the throttle body we're talking about correct? If so, I'm pretty sure it rests on the block for about 90% of it's way back to the front. If this is the hose, I might be able to find a pic I used as a reference while putting it back together. On the eyelet on the...
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    Beware: OEM vs Garbage

    This is mine at 102k.. Disintegrated on pullout.. The second pic shows the new OE pipe properly seated- the Atlantic Briitish one never went this far down and I could see the O-rings when bolted down.. Yikes! MP
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    Beware: OEM vs Garbage

    Indeed, Philmont! They cancelled last year due to Covid, so we're chomping at the bit to get down there.. I've got to get this rig buttoned up pretty quick and shake it down prior to the trip.. MP
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    Beware: OEM vs Garbage

    On Soapbox: Just a friendly service reminder to make sure that you are using quality parts on your rig. Today I got burned by a garbage crossover pipe, from Atlantic British of all places. When you search "crossover pipe" on their website, the OEM doesn't come up- only this gem does. Some...
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    Oil in intake manifold

    Thanks for setting up this post, I just pulled mine and it's a little oily also.. Does anyone know where to get a catch can for these, or do you just have to rig one up? And what happened last weekend that inspired all of us to go after the crossover pipes at the same time?! That damn chip in...
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    V8 Coolant Manifold / Crossover & Maintenance Parts List

    Thanks Stuart, wish I would have read this prior to heading to the dealership.. I'm $80 lighter, but at least I got an answer: In the pic below is the LR045238. My assumption was correct, the connector that my finger is on is indeed capped off internally. So I'm back on track.. Halfway...
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    V8 Coolant Manifold / Crossover & Maintenance Parts List

    Hey Guys! I got into this job about 2 hours ago, and it wasn't long before I snapped that small plastic coolant line off inside the front of the water pump. It looks like there is a redesign that is mentioned in the beginning of this thread, using the LR045238 and the LR049989, but from the...

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