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    Rear Coolant Leak

    Got the rear crossover and front one changed out. The o ring in the rear passenger side disintegrated. I put everything back together and now I have a leak from the elbow that pushes into the water pump. I am looking for the replacement part number but the hoses don't match. It looks like a...
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    Rear Coolant Leak

    Thanks, it is a 2011. I did some more poking around tonight and noticed that there is a pooling of coolant underneath the front crossover pipe. I guess I will figure out what went wrong when I tear everything apart. The water pump was changed out about a year ago. The PCV valves were changed a...
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    Rear Coolant Leak

    Had a surprise coolant leak yesterday afternoon. The wife was in the down the street and got a low coolant alert. She turned around and came home. As she pulled up I could see what turned out to be coolant leaking steadily from the back of the engine. The front of the engine is completely dry. I...

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