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    2011 Land Rover Range Rover Autobiography Black Edition, price?

    It's likely pretty low on KBB...due to the recent maintenance, I would add just the maintenance cost to a KBB value of the "Good Condition" then, for negotiation purposes add 10%... Great looking truck Romeos! You should have no problem getting a good price.
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    The Sisters

    later in the day...12"
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    The Sisters

    My 2004 HSE and 2006 SC patiently waiting...
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    Buying Tips for 2009-2012 HSE

    I'll try it. Thanks!
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    Buying Tips for 2009-2012 HSE

    Well, I found and purchased a 2006 RR HSE SC. It's the cleanest 06 I've seen. Original paint is like new, everything works and it looka/acts like it's been baby'd it's whole life however I noticed yesterday, the A/C started blowing hot air from one side of the module. I recall having the same...
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    Buying Tips for 2009-2012 HSE

    Thanks Joey, I agree. It'll take a very long test drive after they say they've fixed it to convince me. I'm not afraid of the timing chain tensioner/rail/ guide problem. Thats an easy fix. Just time consuming. Shops charge too much so I do all the maintenance. 2 to 4K for an upgrade? I don't...
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    Buying Tips for 2009-2012 HSE

    Looking at getting a 3rd RR. A 2011 w/85k, great service records all recommended maintenance performed by a LR dealer. Drives like new. 1st test drive, check engine light came on, showing multiple misfires...had a low battery so maybe injectors not firing completely? Drove for 20 miles, problem...

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