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Oct 24, 2020 at 12:05 AM
Apr 18, 2006
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California, USA

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Oct 24, 2020 at 12:05 AM
    1. Old Timber
      Old Timber
      Hello Umbertob! I have the 2017 Range Rover with the heated windshield. The fine wiring lines are causing me horrible headaches and eye strain. It's been a month and my brain cannot adapt to seeing through the filament lines. Is there a way to replace the windshield with an "after-market" NON-heated windshield? Like you, I live in California (southern) so no need for the heated windshield. Thanks in advance!
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    2. Lgibson
      Just a question about your post from 2015 on rear brake pads for the 2015 LR4. Was studying up for upcoming pad replacement and read your post that LR055455 is for the earIier (2010 and before) caliper. I called James at Land Rover Rocklin yesterday who reassured me these were the only rear pads shown for our 2015. You are the authority, but...?
    3. Sheila
      Hello Umbertob: Can you please tell me how to use this site? I have questions to post on my 2012 Range Rover, I just purchased in November and I am not sure how to post these questions, some are general, some are more technical, can you please assist me. Thank you
    4. JoeCavalli
      Help choosing for LR4 w/ 2.5" lift?
      285/60r18 or 285/50r20 tires.
      Option 1: Compo 18x8 wheels w/ +44 offset
      Option 2: RRS Stormer 20x9.5 w/ +53 offset
      1. 8" width seems narrow for 285 width tire?
      2. Will 9.5" rim hit ball joints on LR4?
      3. Will +53 offset on Stormer wheels cause rubbing w/ 285 width tire?
      Would love an educated point of view...
    5. Xplorer
      Hey Umberto,

      Will take you up on the offer to check the HD package status for my Lr. The VIN is SALLAAAV6GA814321. I'm in the UAE.

      Thanks again.

      Cheers Nitin
    6. 1flynDO
      Hey could you text me at 5177753121. That sound is really bothering me
    7. Frosty2013
      Umberto, I have read about the impossibility of adding SAT radio. Question is, does the wire loom tend to be the same for all from the factory? Can I could purchase the control head, antenna, receiver, & install ALL 2013 components to upgrade to SAT. One cannot just purchase the SDAR module and antenna, plug it in and have the dealer reprogram the head, correct?
    8. nwoods
      Hey Umberto! I tried texting you the other day, and it doesn't appear to have gone through, making me think I no longer have your current cell number. I used: (310) 487-5803

      My reasons for contacting you have become obsolete, but I still like to keep a curren number for you if you don't mind. My info remains al the same:

      Nathan Woods
      (949) 280-5710
      [email protected]
    9. Munky
      umbertob, i recently added compomotive wheels and 285/60 ko2 tires. After getting it aligned, i am rubbing(slightly) at full lock- forward and reverse. I used my iid tool and by raising the front 10-11mm(close to level) my rub is now gone. any issue with this? will that small of an increase require an alignment? any input is appreciated- i have been reading alot of your posts. thanks
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    2013 LR4 HSE Lux 7-seat / Red / Arabica / Black Pack / Vision Assist / Extended Leather / RSE / Heavy Duty / HD+SAT Radio / LLAMS Height Controller / IIDTool / Faultmate MSV2 / Comps PD1880 wheels / Asfir sump guard / T4x4 Rock Sliders + Fuel Tank Plate / Traxide Dual Battery Kit