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    Best way to sell my LR4?

    I'm in the Craiglist / Autotrader / private sale camp here. Not sure I could live with myself giving away +/-30% to a dealer. There are a ton of retail buyers out there that need used vehicles right now. Just have to **** through the wholesale / dealer lowball phone calls, but that's easy. I...
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    Power Supply Distribution Box/Gateway Module - Eco Stop/Start - Help Understanding

    I recently swapped out my dead Aux battery as my ECO Amber had been on for sometime. I went with the motorcycle post terminal variety from Battery Sharks for $40. After installation, my ECO amber is no longer on AND my ECO system doesn't not work. I did not perform a BMS reset. I'm...
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    Back Crossover/Heater Manifold Repair

    Nice video. Thanks.
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    Front LCA replacement - ball joint separation

    My ball joints released with about 5 firm strikes with a hammer. Reliable, I think so, proper, maybe not. ;) I suppose your local driving conditions may have something to do with ease of separation as well? Haven't heard too much about sticking ball joints though, mainly hear about seized...
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    Best place to buy OEM brake pads 2015 LR4 Lux

    I'll second the Ferrodo suggestion.
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    2014 LR4 SCV6 Low RPM detonation.

    I’ve experienced the same thing with our 2015. We’re currently sitting around 55K miles and it’s always filled with 91. I’ve noticed it from day one, however, it’s only when going up hill during a very slow rate of acceleration. If I get on the gas a bit more it goes away.
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    Cup holder falling out

    Keep in mind access to this area is important for parking brake release and transmission disengagement / neutral, for us folks that don't have a proper gear selector. These guys may be able to help. Double check it didn't...
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    How do I obtain post privileges?

    You have to interact within the forum, ie, post a topic, or reply to an existing one. I think a minimum of 3 or 10 times before you can post to the classifieds. Can't remember exactly.
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    2016 LR4 Intelligent stop/start not working

    I have not heard anything about the alternator issue. I replaced my main battery year or so ago and never reset. No issues to date. I even have the IID, but cant stand the ECO, with a passion.
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    2016 LR4 Intelligent stop/start not working

    I ran mine with a dead battery for the past year. Amber light on. No problems. I've also run mine with the negative lead disconnected, again, only the Amber light on, no problems. I'm now running with a fresh battery and NO amber light on and no ECO function, which is the best of both worlds...
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    Gas Tank not filling up

    I dont make a habit of it, but I have.
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    Gas Tank not filling up

    My 15 does this from time to time. So frustrating. I've even had the dealer look into it and they couldn't find anything wrong.
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    Perplexed- heated windshield and steering wheel inop

    There are a handful of vehicle operations that disable the ECO system, A/C running, heater, etc. My guess is that the steering wheel heater and windshield defroster are related to the system and run through something you've disconnected. That being said, I don't have any suggestions for you...
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    LR3 Expedition Rack on an LR4 with Extended Front Rails?

    I purchased a used LR Expo rack from a local LR Service Writer. I had the extended rails on my truck and he told me I needed the short rails. He helped me install the rack with the short rails in my driveway. I took his word for it and can't say for certain whether or not those extended rails...
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    Gap IIDTool Issue - Device not Found

    I can confirm your findings. I took a random micro usb cable out of my drawer and plugged my IID into my computer. The GAP software didn't recognize it. I then used the "hidden" supplied cable from the box and it worked. I never knew about charge vs data cables as I don't use them often either.

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