coolant leaking

  1. B

    2008 Land Rover LR2 SE!!! HELPPP PLEASEEEEEE!

    Hi, back in April I bought a 2008 Land Rover SE from a old guy who claimed to have bought it and fixed it up for his grandson! the VERY NEXY DAY is started giving me issues. I do not now what to do, it keep over heating and leaking coolant and I don't know what to do. I go through a gallon or...
  2. Mitch Strickling

    Austin, TX Mechanic Needed

    Hey everybody, I had our 2013 LR4 in the shop about six months ago with some weird brake issues. They mentioned to me that I needed a timing-chain overhaul. I used to work a job where I did not have time to do much research into vehicle issues. Nor was I very interested in trying to fix...
  3. T

    LR4 Newbie - We have problems!

    Please excuse my lack of car terminology throughout this post... We purchased a 2012 LR4 about a year ago. Since then, it has significant issues. We replaced the fuel injectors about 6 months ago ($5k expense, yikes!) and now the coolant is leaking. It is a very slow leak, and according to the...
  4. C

    2015 RRS HSE V6 Coolant Low

    Hi, Sorry, new to the forum and hoping someone can shed some light on the situation. I brought the truck to the dealer this morning due to low coolant warning and the smell of burning antifreeze. They said the water pump bearings are wearing and it's leaking slightly. They will replace under...

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