1. dtopkin

    "Air Suspension Not In Customer Mode" when trying to calibrate

    Folks, trying to calibrate my suspension on my 2015 LR4 using the Gap IID tool, and every time I’m just about to calibrate I get the “air suspension not in customer mode” warning on the dash. I did go through the whole routine disabling build mode, and then re-enabling EAS… but then when I go...
  2. Lanmcint

    Iland diagnostic tool Errors (10) AutoZone OS601 OBDII/EOBD (0)

    I have had ILand for 3 years. Since the beginning, I've had minor error codes, but recently up to 10-15! Checked battery, cleaned grounds, reset all codes, etc. Went to AutoZone today and had them use their OBDII; it showed no error codes, and the new battery is very healthy. The main question...
  3. mflecklr3

    Favorite IIDTool tricks and tips

    I bought a Gap Diagnostics IIDTool not too long ago. I've mostly used it to read/clear faults and do some basic troubleshooting. Last night I took a stab at disabling the TPMS, but I had to guess at the procedure. Searching this forum, there doesn't seem to be a thread to capture the tribal...
  4. keya

    Gap IIDTool Issue - Device not Found

    Hello, I have received two IIDTool BTs already (From Lucky8 and GAP) and when I try to update them, I get the same error. "IIDTool not Found Please ensure that the device is connected". -I have tried two Macs (Catalina and BigSur) and one PC (Windows 10) already. -3 different USB cables. -2...

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