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  1. BendRover123

    LR3 2008 Suspension Height Sensor Linkage

    For the front and rear I am adjusting the connecting rods on my LR3 to stock OEM length. The issue is I threw out the OEM links those that connect the sensor to the wishbones on the car and that can be removed (have those thick rubber grommets). Could any of you help me out for the rear and...
  2. Johnson Rods

    Defender Lift Kit 33" tires

    Shown below is a dealer installed Johnson Rod 1.5 inch lift kit with 275-60-20 BFG KO2 (33 inch) tires. Many Land Rover dealers use our lift in their showrooms as an upgrade package. Our lift is preferred because of the quality of construction and materials that can stand up to extreme hot and...
  3. Selden61

    JOHNSON RODS - Anyone migrate your JR's from LR4 to RRS?

    Had a 2010 LR4. Loved the Johnson Rods -- key for Utah rock crawling. Traded-in for 2013 Range Rover Sport. JR says the front will not work, but they look the same. Anyone know if they are just asking me to buy new ones, or is there really an issue between the models? Cheers!

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