1. BigBriDogGuy

    Off-Road and/or Overland Terrain Conditions

    Looking to access a rural property by way of a grassy field and was wondering if the LR4 would be up to the task. Know there are a lot of experienced off-road enthusiasts here and was hoping to draw upon their wisdom. The situation is we are moving to a country place on a large piece of...
  2. BigBriDogGuy

    Finding the "Sweet Spot" (Statistical Failure Rates)

    I was watching an episode of "LR Time" (second to last) and they brought up an interesting point. They were showing a chart with failure rates for the LR4s. Most vehicles have a failure rate plot line that looks like a "bathtub" while the LR4s have a line that looks like a bathtub with a...
  3. BigBriDogGuy

    Customized Decal

    Created this customized decal to personalize my LR4. We got an Irish Setter pup for the girls this Christmas. They named her "Clover" so I thought I would do something fun by playing off the Land Rover name and logo. We take her everywhere with us, so now it is the "Clover Rover". :)
  4. Kamil Erkadoo


    Hi Everyone, I am new to this group, however I am a member of various Superbike and Supercar clubs, so choosing an SUV such as the Discovery Sport, has been quite tame for me. However I always want to modify, personalise and enhance whatever I buy, boys and their toys. I have seen the various...

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