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  1. BigBriDogGuy

    Rover Landers British Columbia Club Founder's Day Event

    Went to a Land Rover club event in BC with lots of cool rigs and even cooler folks. Will send a series of pics of the rigs.
  2. F

    2011 Range Rover hse sputtering upon acceleration

    I have an 2011 Range Rover hse recently my vehicle has started sputtering upon acceleration and then at stop will idle very low like it is going to die. Any help would be greatly appreciated thankyou
  3. BigBriDogGuy

    Really Cool Looking 2005 RR

    I was browsing Craigslist in the Seattle area and came across this really cool looking 2005 RR. The owner says he took it up to 230,000+ miles and it died. Now he is selling it, but it needs to be towed. I have no interest in it myself, but I just liked the way it looked. I suppose a rig...
  4. S

    AC Vents Blowing Hot on Passenger Side - 2011 Range Rover

    My 2011 Ranger Rover's Air Conditioner is blowing cold air through the two driver side vents, but hot air through all of the other vents in the vehicle. If I close all of the hot air vents, it reduces the cold air coming through the driver's vents. The cold air in the driver's vents is pretty...
  5. S

    Interior Smell - 2011 Range Rover

    I recently purchased a 2011 Range Rover with a bit of a rough interior. Interior isn't dirty, but seats have lots of cracks and headliner is beginning to separate in places. There seems to be a very strong musty chemical smell that stays on you even hours after driving the vehicle. It's...
  6. L

    L322 small EVAP leak & engine stuttering when accelerating p0442

    I’m new here. New to land rovers in general. I just bought a used 2010 Range Rover HSE Lux (120k miles) and I’m jumping into tuning it up. I have some minimal experience but try my best in research and maintenance whenever possible, so I’m gonna be full of questions. If you see another thread I...
  7. B


    Blackie here from Canada, owned lots of rovers (SI, SII, Disco II, RR Classic) but looking at a 2006 Range Rover Westminster edition, any feedback? Don’t know much about L322 Rangies but the air suspension on my 1993 gave me trouble and I changed it out for coils! Other than that any tips would...
  8. S

    2015 Range Rover Supercharged LWB

    Hi, I have owned my 2015 Range Rover Supercharged LWB for three years already. Over the years I have taken the car in to get regular checks and they have never told me these issues until this week. I knew my dynamic response fluid was empty. The dealership is saying I have a leak because it...
  9. Joel

    Brand new compressor... still throwing normal height only

    Hey guys. I have a 2012 super charged with 145k. Frustrated with this normal height only business. I just spent 1400 on a new strut and 1300 on a new compressor. I start the car and after about 1 min the compressor stops and the “only normal height avail” comes on. Doesn’t effect the driving...
  10. Venerable

    L322 Second Battery Kit. My Thoughts - One of the better upgrades

    So i have been looking at the Secondary battery kit from luxury land rover upgrades, i provided a link here https://www.luxurylandroverupgrades.com/product-page/range-rover-l322-secondary-battery-kit I actually got the other link which came with a battery...
  11. M

    Rev drops on diesel 2.2 (Manual)

    Hello, I have a range rover Evoque mk 1 and when I accelerate at around 2k revs, the revs drop even though I would be pressing the gas. Then after a second or 2 it picks up and goes normally. Clutch doesn't seem to be slipping. Sometimes the revs even drop when at 3/4k revs, so it's not...
  12. M

    New Member Selling his RR L322 + a lot of extra stuff

    Hey all, Years ago I bought a 2003 Land Rover Range Rover L322 as I always wanted one as a child and knew nothing about Land Rovers and why I should avoid this particular model at all costs. Regardless, it was a dream to drive and it got me into LRs and obsessed with Defenders. I ended up...
  13. B

    Advice on buying a used land rover

    Hello everyone, I have been on the search for a used land rover, specifically a range rover or discovery. I like both in terms of design and I understand the discovery is probably more capable but is there any opinions on which one has a better reputation for reliability? I've looked at 13'...
  14. DiscoLR

    LR4 Loud air release sound when air ride deflates

    Hi guys, new to the forum. I'm pretty mechanically inclined and just did a few repairs to my 2012 LR4. Recently, I tackled the air compressor rebuild. After about two weeks of it working perfectly, my short MIL came to visit, and I started using access height and now, there is a loud burst of...
  15. C

    2010 Range Rover Supercharged Air Suspension Valve Block

    I have a 2010 Range Rover that the suspension in the front will not stay up when it is below freezing outside and once it is down it takes a long time to go up or will fault out, so I am guessing that the valve is not closing all the way. Would my thoughts of the valve freezing, having ice in...
  16. C

    2012 RRFF SC engine knock

    Hey guys, I'm new to this thread. I hope I posted in the right place. I have a 2012 5.0 sc that is making a knocking noise on a warm restart. It does it at random. Two Land Rover specialty shops have said its possibly the timing chains or catastrophic engine failure/low oil in the lower engine...
  17. Brandon B

    2010 RRSC Timing Chain Guide Going...

    Hey Y'all, so my 2010 Range Rover SC is starting to make the sound and is now accompanied by a check engine light. Before I start taking it out for estimates, I am curious what some of you have paid recently to get this fixed. Being SC, I assume this will include more man hours to fix? I saw on...

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