New Member Selling his RR L322 + a lot of extra stuff

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Maxwell Glassner

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Mar 11, 2021
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Southeastern Pennsylvania
Hey all,

Years ago I bought a 2003 Land Rover Range Rover L322 as I always wanted one as a child and knew nothing about Land Rovers and why I should avoid this particular model at all costs. Regardless, it was a dream to drive and it got me into LRs and obsessed with Defenders. I ended up buying books on LR and now I have an appreciation and love for the classics.... not so much what they are putting out now.

Anyway, I paid a decent sum of money to have the Range restored as I was misled into believing an ad on Craigslist where a "Land Rover restoration specialist" claimed he could do it and gave me a quote that I thought was surprising considering I had just finished my first month or so at tech school for automotives (I graduated from biz school 8 years prior but wanted to learn about automotives) and I thought to myself a full rebuild was nice. I was naïve and should have googled this business/individual and I would have avoided a lengthy DMV investigation that after 2 years got me every penny back except for transportation and the time and frustration. I learned a valuable lesson that I still use to this day: always at a minimum background check someone or at a minimum Google them and dig into the reviews when you hire them or hand them money for any reason.

So I will be posting in the for sale area and I should mention that I bought the same model Range I have and took it apart and started to see why you need to be a maniac (I mean that in a good way) to enjoy working on these. Unfortunately the body and suspension are gone but I have the interior and the doors and hatch and bonnet (I know the Brits terms for this stuff from all the videos). Check the pictures and you will see I have a lot of extra parts.

As you will see from my listing I geared up with all kinds of genuine LR parts and even have brand new tires (tyres) for it that unfortunately will never get put to use by me since for the amount of $ I spent (and got back) on the rebuild I could have bought a fully restored 3 door RRC from Spain minus import fees.. dont even get me started. I even bought the Lynx Diagnostic tool that will come with it with the Dell Laptop I bought refurbished to use on this vehicle. I have the receipts for everything and a binder with everything you need to know about this RR. I also have all of the emails from the DMV agent who had an actual LR specialist check it out and confirm that nothing was done to the vehicle and I was due my money back. I have his report and all detailing what he saw that was wrong with the vehicle. I have nothing to hide.. I just need to move on and get it sold.

I appreciate everyone and this forum and hopefully I can find a L322 enthusiast who is in the market for a load of parts and a running (after jumpstart) vehicle ready to be parted out - or if you are a beast, fixed up. I should mention that I have the titles to both vehicles! Buyer will be responsible for picking it up along with the parts and everything pictured assuming they want everything and for any state taxes/fees associated with the transaction including title transfer fees and basically any fee that can possibly happen.

Again, I have nothing to hide and only good intentions so check out my post if this is something you are looking for.

Hopefully I can return to this forum at some point as the owner of a nice Defender 90... I was very close 2 years ago as I lived near a military base in SoCal and those guys seemed to sell them a lot before deployment.




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Jun 28, 2004
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Welcome to the forum. And correct you haven't been a member long enough or with enough posts to post in the for sale section. Attempt by site owners to keep spam down.

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